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Welcome to the Hungarian truffles home page,

After a long period of neglect, truffles in Hungary were rediscovered by collectors and researchers in the middle of the 1990s. People started to search for truffle habitats and the traditions and recipes of past centuries. It was soon discovered that several precious truffle species grow in the Carpathian basin, some of them in fairly large quantities.
Tests have revealed that truffles collected in Hungary, especially the summer, white and the Burgundy truffles, have the same high quality as their French and Italian counterparts. These three species grow in large quantities in the country.
"Sand truffles" are a real specialty: Hungary is the only country in Europe where they occur frequently. This species has a unique sweet taste.
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Hungarian record

The biggest summer truffle ever found in Hungary was discovered by Feri in July 2003. It weighed 549 grams. It is on show in the Truffle Museum.

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Hunting truffles in Hungary

If you are interested in how we collect truffles, we can show you some secrets, and invite you to a special truffle supper.

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