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Agro-Quality LTD
5322 Tiszaszentimre
Petofi u. 34.
tel: 06-70 28 41 178
fax: 06 -1 365 4428,

Our company was founded by a group of truffle collectors with the purpose of selling our products together. Since we sell our own products, we can keep our prices down. Over the past few years, we exported truffles to Italy, Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland.
If you wish to get in touch with us, or you are interested in our detailed offer, please, send a letter to the following addresses:

Hunting truffles in Hungary

If you are interested in how we collect truffles, we can show you some secrets, and invite you to a special truffle supper.

See more info about this program here in German or via e-mail


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