Truffle species and prices
last update 06.09.2004
species Latin names picture current price
 Summer truffle (, St. John's truffle, Truffe d'été, Truffe anglaise, Sommertrüffel, Scorzone) Tuber aestivum 

 first class* 105 Euro/kg

second class** 70 Euro/kg

Burgundy truffle, (Truffe de Bourgogne, Truffe grise, Burgundertrüffel) Tuber uncinatum   -
White truffle (Piedmont truffle, Alba, Weisse Trüffel) Tuber magnatum   -
Schweinetrüffel Choirmyces Meandriformis

first .class* 80 Euro/kg

second class** 60 Euro/kg

 Winter truffle (Fall truffle, Violet truffle, Musky truffle, Truffe d'hiver, Winter trüffel, Muskattrüffel)  Tuber brumale  
  Tuber macrosporum

first.class* 150 Euro/kg

second class** 80 Euro/kg

"Sand truffle" (Terfez) Terfezia terfezoides -

  * first class, very good condition, over 20 grams
** second class between10-20 grams or over 20 grams, with cuts

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